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Download Sp Flash tool Using Our Guide : Hola guys! If you are an Android user, you should have definitely heard about installing a custom recovery or custom ROM. Custom ROMs are very famous among Android users, not just for the features they bring to the table, but also for the user experience and overall stability. Well, Android is all about customization, and custom ROMs only enhance the usage patterns. Regardless of what custom ROM you use, at a certain point, you will obviously look forward to changing them very frequently! Well, at a certain point, it is common for an Android user to mess up the situation, no matter how good he is at Android.

This is generally where you will decide to flash stock ROM or default flash file of your certain device. Finding a flash tool to flash the stock firmware or flash file is not very easy. So, this is where the SP Flash Tool comes into the play! SP Flash Tool is by far the best Flash Tool available out there. This is primarily targetted for Android devices which are powered by MediaTek SoCs. If your device is powered by MediaTek chipset and you would like to flash the stock firmware, SP Flash Tool is the best option for you!

In this post, we are going to discuss everything about SP Flash Tools. Here, we will also guide you through the process of installing SP Flash Tools on your PC. Not just that, we will also guide you with the process of installing flash files or stock firmware using the SP Flash Tool.

What is Flash Tools?

Flash Tools in general often referred to as Stock ROM installers. Well, being an Android user, you might be installing a lot of custom ROMs and other mods with which you can customize your system as per your liking. Well, in such cases, at some point in installing an error or corrupted files you might end up in a place. In such a place, where you cannot access the system. Also, you cannot connect your phone to your PC, and enter recovery mode either. Chances are you might end up in a place where you cannot do anything. The only thing you can do is, connect to PC and install a flash file.

So, to flash or install a flash file on your device, you will have to install a flash file for your specific device. There are various flash files available out there in the world of the internet. If your device is Mediatek, then hands down, your option is to opt for SP Flash Tool. For Xiaomi device users, then there is a separate and excellent company tailored flash tool for you which is Mi Flash Tool. If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you have Odin, which is really easy to use.

So, firstly, you will have to choose flash tools and then download the flash file of any device. All the devices flash file links are in the download section below. Follow our guide to easily and optimistically flash stock ROM on your device. With that being said, let us quickly learn about our elephant of the show here — SP Flash Tool

What is the SP Flash Tool, how to use it?

SP Flash Tool is otherwordly known as Smartphone Flash Tool. SP in abbreviated as Smartphone in this case. This Flash Tool is a free, powerful, and easy to use Android Flash Tools available out there! SP Flash Tool is the most recommended flash tool for anyone who uses MediaTek powered Android devices. SP Flash Tool allows you to flash or install Stock Firmware or Stock ROMs on any MediaTek powered devices.

Exclusive Features of SP Flash Tool

  1. SP Flash Tool allows you to flash any scatter based Stock Firmware on your MediaTek driven Android devices. You will need to download uncorrupted system files to do so, and you can download any uncorrupted system files from the download section below.
  2. This novel flash tool allows you to test and verify the external memory devices, including RAM, eMMC, and NAND Flash. You can load the scatter file of your certain device and connect to the computer and can begin the tests and access the results.
  3. SP Flash Tool also permits you to flash Stock Recovery or Custom Recovery as long as you are using a MediaTek device with an unlocked bootloader.
  4.  Using the parameter setting on SP Flash Tool you can read or write the OTP parameter on your MediaTek devices.
  5. SP Flash Tool also has a complete authority of your device once your device properly connected with the computer. It allows you to format your MediaTek powered devices with ease, in a fraction of seconds.

Download Sp Flash tool

Download Flash tool Here

How to Install SP Flash Tool on your Computer

  1. For System Installation: Download SP Flash Tool from the Download Section above. The file is in general in ZIP format, so you will have to download either WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the file.
  2. Now, navigate to the Downloads folder and find the downloaded SP Flash Tool ZIP folder.
  3. Right-click on the SP Flash Tool ZIP Folder and select extract to ‘SPFlash_Tool/Win’. Once you are done with extraction, you can see the file in the destination folder where you have extracted.
  4. Now that the folder is extracted, you can now access and open the folder and file the setup file. Once the setup file is found, double-click on it to open and now the setup installation starts.
  5. You can install the SP Flash Tool in any directory or partition you want, but the default will be C, I will personally recommend you to install in C Drive itself.
  6. Now click on Next, a couple of times, and then the installation starts.
  7. Once you are done with the installation part, you are good to go! You can access the SP Flash Tools folder in C directory or you can directly search for SP Flash Tools on Cortana or Start Menu.
  8. That is all for the installation part for System Installation.
  9. For Portable Version: For Portable version, you can directly go ahead and extract the folder and then access the downloaded zip by extracting.
  10. Once extracted, the SP Flash Tool can directly be used.

How to Install Scatter File or Stock Firmware using SP Flash Tool

Step 1: Download and Install the MediaTek Driver Auto Installer on your PC. If you have already installed it in the past, then you can skip this step.

Step 2: Download the Stock flash file of your MediaTek device from the Download Section above and extract it. For extraction, you will either require a WinRAR or 7Zip.

Step 3: Open Flash Tool EXE or SP Flash Tool Application and the interface looks something like this. Click on the Scatter-Loading Button.

Step 4: Now, navigate to downloaded and extracted the Stock Firmware folder and select the Scatter File. Scatter files are in .txt format.

Step 5: Here you will have to Untick the Preloader option. In most of cases flashing the Preloader.bin file will make your device brick.

Step 6: Now, you can find the Download button on the top.

Step 7: This is where you will have to connect your device using USB Cable. First Turn Off your device and then enter the bootloader by entering Volume UP or Volume Down + Power Button.

Step 8: Once the device is connected, SP Flash Tool shows the pop-up and you will head a connection sound. You need not do anything here, as the process is completely automated.

Step 9: You will have to wait for around ten minutes for the installation to be done successfully. Once done, a Green Ring will appear in the application.

Step 10: Restart your device by pressing and holding the power button and that’s all! You have successfully installed Stock ROM or Flash File using SP Flash Tool.


So that is all for this post, hope you have learned how to install Flash File using SP Flash Tool. Bookmark this page so that you can access this guide when required in the future. Now that you have done that, it is time for me to bid you adieu. For more posts like this Stay Tuned with us! Until next time Stay Flashing, Stay Techy!